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PATACCO'S Goal and Intent is to make it easier for the general public to be able to protect their work(s) from either being infringed upon, stolen, or both.  It is NOT the intent of this company to make money or profit from YOUR IDEAS, but HELP YOU be able to do what is needed in order for you to protect your own interests and/or make money from your own ideas.  It should not take years for someone to be able to find and use this information in order to protect themselves and their works... and with the use of these books... it won't.  The Homework has already been done for you... which will allow you to both learn and act immediately.  We are so confident that you will be absolutely 100% satisfied... that we even offer a 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE!  Please continue by choosing the book of your choice... and then by clicking CONTINUE at the bottom of each page.



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These books  include: Trademark Forms, Copyright Forms, Patent Applications, Line-by-Line Directions, Sample Drawings, Original Illustrations, Costs and Service Fees, Design Patent Laws, Help Lines, Patent Searches, Depository Libraries, Short Forms Available, What's New On-line, and More...

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