LOOK No Further – If you are looking for a truly unique Affiliate Program to market on your website, then… you have finally found it. Our products and services are one of a kind… and will always be in demand. You see, as long as there are artists, architects, writers, musicians, photographers, choreographers, producers, directors, webmasters, small business owners, and creative people, then… there will continue to be a big demand for our products and services well into the future.




* Our products and services are far  from being Regional. You will be selling to an international market, therefore, you will never be limited to a certain geographical area.


* You do not need prior knowledge of our products, or need to be an expert in this field… in order to sell our products. You will never be asked to answer any complicated questions about the patent, trademark, or copyright process, as a link will be provided that will lead directly to W.J. Scott Murphy ( the Author). Any questions people may have about the books, or, about the patent, trademark, and copyright process… will be answered in a courteous and timely fashion by Mr. Murphy.


* The products that you will be selling already have a proven track record, as they have been sold in all 50 states and in at least 5 different countries. In fact, two of the four products available have made the “Small Press Top 40” Best Seller’s List! As far as the internet goes, sales of our products in the past have always been steady. It really just depends on your visitor count each month, and whether your visitors are targeted or not. We stress that you try and target your audience whenever possible, as our visitor to sales ratio for targeted customers is an impressive 1 sale for every 20-30 visitors (as compared to about 1 sale for every 100 visitors for a non targeted audience ).


* The products that you will be selling are already being frantically searched for by millions of people. For example, let’s take only 3 of our 75-80 key words ( patent search / trademark registration / copyright forms). Now, for these 3 key words alone, there are approximately 14,500 searches done, per month… from only ONE popular Search Engine. Now, if this number holds true, imagine multiplying this number by 10 ( for the Top 10 Search Engines). That would mean that about 145,000 searches are being done each month across the internet for these three key words alone. In the past, we have also calculated the approximate total number of searches done for ALL of our key words, and using the same Search Engine as above… calculated that there are approximately 70,000-75,000 searches done per month. Again, if you multiply this number by 10 ( for the Top 10 Search Engines), that would mean that there are approximately 1.5 million searches done, per month… considering ALL of our key words combined. Folks, it’s really amazing here how many people are searching for our products and services. The problem is… just finding them.


* Ordinarily, for book sales, unless you sell in large quantities… you only receive a 20% commission. However, by joining our Affiliate Program, you will automatically start receiving a whopping 40% commission (of net sales) on each and every sale.


* Affiliate Program Partners will never have to worry about packaging and shipping the products. Once the order is received from the Affiliate Partner Site, PATACCO will be responsible for packaging and delivery of all products.


* We believe that anyone can sell our products, even if you are not a professional internet marketer. However, if you really are a professional internet marketer, and you are already set up and receiving thousands and thousands of visitors, then… you simply can’t pass up this opportunity. The numbers are there. Try it and see!    


Folks, this is NOT a fly by night program, as we've been in business since 1996.You can expect us to be in business for the next 30 or 40 years attempting to help as many people as possible protect their interests… hence, giving them a better chance to one day live the American Dream. As you can probably tell, we take a lot of pride in our products and services… and plan on offering them to the general public for a long, long time to come.


If you would like to be a part of this exciting and ever growing legacy, we invite you to join our  Affiliate Program Today. It’s Easy to Join, and it’s FREE – Here’s How:


Questions About our Affiliate Program?   Email us at : inventor@2invent.com


1) Read our Affiliate Program Outline

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2) Fill out our Short Application

3) Upon email approval, you will be able to select from several of 2invent.com’s

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