PATACCO Publishing – Since 1996 Affiliate Program - Outline




  1. To get started with the Affiliate Program, read through the Affiliate Agreement, complete the short application, and submit it.

  2. Wait 1-3 business days while we review your application.

  3. Once you are approved and accepted, you will receive a welcome email with your ID and Login information for the Affiliate Console.

  4. Once logged in, review your account to make sure all of your information is correct.

  5. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account so that you will be able to receive your commissions from

  6. Select the pages or text links that you want included on your site. Copy the appropriate code from the Affiliate Console and paste it on your site. Be sure to use the exact code or your page(s) may not load properly, or at all.

  7. Next, simply post your new pages with the Affiliate Program code and you are ready to start making money on the internet.  To see how your sales are going… at any time during the month… just email us at :

  8. At the end of the next full month, you will receive a payment from us for the appropriate number of books purchased by visitors from your site. You may have to wait an additional month for some commissions, as any and all payments must first clear Patacco’s bank before any payments are made to a Affiliate Site. Charge-Backs : In the rare event that a check comes back/payment is refused from an Affiliate Site customer… and the said Affiliate Site has already been paid for that particular transaction, there are two options available : a) the Affiliate Site may choose to re-pay the appropriate amount to Patacco, or, b) Patacco will issue a Debit for the appropriate amount to the Affiliate Site. If Patacco does not have a sufficient account balance against which to apply the Debit amount within 30 days, then… at Patacco’s discretion, Patacco may request a cash payment from that particular Affiliate Site.

  9. No need to worry about complex questions dealing with U.S. patents, trademarks, and copyrights… as links for these type questions are provided that lead straight to, who will promptly answer any and all of your customers questions.’s plan and goal is to keep all of these books in stock, and at any given time, should have the book(s) available for immediate shipping. Due to certain unexpected  circumstances, however (like a sudden large order),… there may be times when a book is not readily available for shipping. In these rare circumstances, you will be  notified of the approximate time needed for to both get and ship the books. Partial Orders will be shipped when necessary, unless otherwise stated by the customer.