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(Print This Document For Your Records)

I, W.J. Scott Murphy, honestly believe that my books entitled "The Inventor's Kit", "Copyrighting America", "Easy Patents", and "The Inventors Lab Book"...are by far, the most complete and useful books on the market when it comes to Intellectual Property.  I believe that they are ALSO the easiest to use, the most credible, AND, are offered at the lowest minimum price.  THEREFORE, I say to you... that YOUR SATISFACTION is 100% GUARANTEED.  If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED... FOR ANY REASON... I will gladly refund your money.


In order for a customer to get a cash refund:

1)  The customer must ship the book "back" to the publisher within 30 days after receiving the book.  The book must be in good condition, containing NO missing/torn pages, NO writing/pen marks in the book, NO stained pages, and NO bent corners.  The book MUST be in re-sellable condition when it is received.

2)  A letter must accompany the returned book explaining WHY you were not satisfied.

3)  Only the retail price of the book will be refunded.   Not any shipping charges that were paid.

4)  This Guarantee applies only to books that are sold over the internet, where the customer is unable to physically view the book before purchasing.

5)  The publisher MUST HAVE a record of the customers purchase before a refund will be granted.