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Table Of Contents

Part 1 Copyrights:
Copyright Basics
Best Edition of Published Works
Filling Out Application Form PA

Blank Application Form PA
Filling Out Application Form SE

Blank Application Form SE
Filling Out Application Form TX

Blank Application Form TX
Mandatory Deposits of Copies or Phonorecords
Filling Out Application Form VA

Blank Application Form VA
Deposit Requirements for Visual Arts Material
Copyright Registration for Works in Visual Arts
Filling Out Application Form SR

Blank Application Form SR
Filling Out Application Form CA

Blank Application Form CA
The Effects of Not Replying Within 120 Days
Publications on Copyright
Original (Copy) Application Form TX

Original Deposit Requirements Form TX

Original Certificate of Registration

Part 2 Patents:
Notice to Prospective Applicants
Patent Basics
Patent Searches
A Guide to Filing a Design Patent Application
Publications Available from Superintendent of Documents
Directions for Filing a “Utility” Patent
Disclosure Document Deposit Request

Blank "Utility Patent Application Transmittal" Form

Blank "Fee Transmittal" Form

Blank "Declaration for Utility or Design Patent" Form

Blank "Verified Statements Claiming Small Entity" Form for

Small Business concern

Nonprofit Organization

Independent Inventor

Statement by a Non-Inventor

Independent Inventor (Alternate)

Blank "Utility Patent Application Transmittal"

Blank "Specification" - Design Patent (Alternate)

Blank "Declaration" - Design Patent (Alternate)

Original Specification- Design Patent

Original Declaration - Design Patent

Original drawing- Design Patent

Original Filing Receipt (Blue Slip)

Original "Notice of Allowability"

Original "Examiners Amendment"

Original "Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee"

Original (Copy) of Front Cover of Patent

Original (Copy) of First Page of Patent

U.S. Patent and Service Fees

Part 3 Trademarks:
Basic Facts About Registering a Trademark

Sample Applications, Drawings, and Specimens

Blank " Trademark/Service Mark Application"

Blank "Allegation Of Use" Application

Blank "Request For Extension of Time to File a Statement of Use" Application

Original Trademark Application based on a Bon Fide Intent to Use the Mark in Commerce

Original drawing - Typewritten

International Schedule of Classes of Goods and Services
Trademark Filing and Service Fees
U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries


Notes Of Importance